Posted by: lanzell | June 7, 2008

Auckland trip.

hi hi.. we just forget to include our Auckland trip on mid of April ago for a enjoy..enjoy thingy ;).. it was a new experience to us, excited to be there again!… the weather there is really very nice even it was raining on our way .. we love it so much.. and it was really interesting for us…. haha.. the roads leading to Auckland can be very adventurous .. it’s like those u see in initial-d (hehe just kidding) but even more hills and long.. and we were travelling in a car! (we drive our self) dont expect to be able to sleep…. because we will miss lots of beautiful view if we do so…that was good to get a fresh air during the travel and take a beautiful scenes and views… we stopped only at few places to get a quick view….. While we there we visited the Auckland Zoo, Museum of Transport & Technology, Auckland Memorial Museum, One Tree Hill (Cornwall Park), Mission Bay and short view at the Auckland city centre… We spent 3 days 2 nights at one of Ella’s friend (Afghan family) we had been served well by them with their traditional food (a kind of tandoori as well as barbeque too and many more).. it was really a great trip.. the feeling of being there just like yesterday… looking forward to another Auckland trip again again and again.. ^_^

more photos: ?entry=1550908

Mission Bay, Auckland



  1. Been living in Auckland for the last six months, and it NEVER stops raining! Or maybe it just feels like that 🙂

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