Posted by: lanzell | September 9, 2008

Hamilton Garden

There is a great park near our place called Hamilton Garden. These gardens, mainly developed since 1982, feature themed gardens and are a contrast to the older municipal gardens like Christchurch and Dunedin Botanic Gardens with their mature trees and shrubs and their own history.

Part of the 58 hectare Hamilton Gardens, the Paradise Gardens have been designed to illustrate aspects of the history of gardens around the world with an Indian Char Bagh Garden, a Chinese Scholars Garden, an English Flower Garden, a Japanese Garden of Contemplation, an American Modernist Garden and an Italian

Daffodil Girls in action...peace!

Daffodil Girls in action...peace!

Renaissance Garden. The Garden Collections include the Rogers Rose Garden, the New Zealand Cultivar Garden, the Rhododendron Lawn, the Hamilton Camellia Garden and the Victorian Flower Garden. For those more interested in the food which a garden can produce there are the Herb Garden, the Kitchen Garden and the Sustainable Backyard Garden.

Many people love to spend time there for their leisure times…us too! There is playground equipment, a duck pond, lots of open spaces, roses, and this awesome spray park!



At the moment, we still are having our winter which is goin to be ended soon (maybe in the middle of Sept). So that’s why we came here only for taking some pictures of the “Daffodil Flower” that planted for its special events for the Cancer day if we are not mistaken (many colorful and beautiful flowers/roses will start during the Spring season).

Mr. Nice Guyz...

Mr. Nice Guyz...

One more thing, as the Ramadhan is coming only a few days after we came here our friend sent a picture to Utusan Online (one of our local newspaper) for the Salam Perantau special wish and dedication. Luckily, on the 2nd day of Ramadhan (fasting month for muslim) our request had been accepted. We provided the link below if you wanna know what were the contents in our special dedication for Ramadhan and Eid-Fitri…hehe

* We will put our next visit photos to Hamilton Garden, once the Spring season just arrive soon 🙂


All...together....gather.....hehehe 🙂

One of da best shot we had....hahaha

One of da best shot we had....hahaha

Oh...Candid yer.... ;)

Oh...Candid yer.... 😉


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