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  1. hi…for both of u.. wat a nice view u got there.. very interesting..hehe..
    kalo dpt baby kat sne smbil blaja lg bes kan… hahhaha…
    anywhere, BEST of LUCK for y’all for what ever u do. just keep in touch with us ok..

  2. salam bro, aidil (syawaluddin told me bout you-that u r in nz as well)
    how’s life bro? nice blog.simple but informative & impressive. aku juga tak kuarĀ².

    pepehal if sampai kl jemput aku datang rumah.

    017-3635628. aight. chow chin chaou

  3. ammmbbbboooooiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!
    bukan main lagi berjalan……nanti jgn luper bw ole2 utk satu dp punyer…..

    kite owg nak pegi manelah ader duiiittttt……

  4. asalammualaikum… nak tanya mmg tinggal d sana ke.???

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